Do you want a workout that’s effective and fun? Do you find machines and free weights boring? The solution is PLUS GROUPS and REFORMER PILATES.


(UPDATED 17/10/22)

They are classes with limited participation (mini personal – small training groups, 8-14 people) and include 9 different types: 1) Total Body, 2) Pilates Mat, 3) Abs & Hips, 4) Trx, 5) Power Cycling, 6) Dance Aerobics, 7) Fat Burn 4 All, 8) Pilates Reformer, 9) Cross Training.

1) You must have a membership for PLUS GROUPS or REFORMER PILATES.

2) Reservations booked by phone on the same day due to the limited number of people. ONLY for REFORMER PILATES: a) subscribers only to it can make 3 reservations together, b) combined subscribers with Gym and/or Plus groups from the new pricelist (valid from 1/9) makes 2 reservations together and from the old pricelist (until 31/8) makes 1 reservation. Reservations are valid for the current week and the next ones will be booked after the scheduled classes, with the booking possibility from Sunday, within our working hours.

NOTE: Reservation cancellation is MANDATORY at least 1 hour before the lesson.

3) You can participate in 3 same classes per week with reserved place. If you wish to participate in more than 3 same courses in the same week, you enter the waiting list and if there is availability 1 hour before the start of the course, you can participate.

4) You can participate in one GROUPS lesson per day, based on availability. If you want to participate in a 2nd or 3rd lesson on the same day, enter the waiting list and if there is availability at the beginning of the lesson, you can participate.