(UPDATED 11/9/23)

They are classes with limited participation or not (mini personal – small training groups – normal training groups, with 6, 8, 9, 12, 16, max 30 people) and include 9 different types: 1) Total Body, 2) Pilates Mat, 3) Abs & Hips, 4) Trx, 5) Power Cycling, 6) Dance Aerobics, 7) Fat Burn 4 All, 8) Pilates Reformer, 9) Cross Training.

1) You must have a membership for PLUS GROUPS or REFORMER PILATES.

2) Reservations booked by phone on the same day due to the limited number of people.

ONLY for REFORMER PILATES: a) subscribers only to it can make 3 reservations together, b) combined subscribers with Gym and/or Plus groups makes 2 reservations together.

Reservations are valid for the current week and the next ones will be booked after the scheduled classes, with the booking possibility from Sunday, within our working hours.

NOTE: Reservation cancellation is MANDATORY at least 1 hour before the lesson.

3) You can participate in 3 same classes per week with reserved place. If you wish to participate in more than 3 same courses in the same week, you enter the waiting list and if there is availability 1 hour before the start of the course, you can participate.

4) You can participate in one GROUPS lesson per day, based on availability. If you want to participate in a 2nd or 3rd lesson on the same day, enter the waiting list and if there is availability at the beginning of the lesson, you can participate.


 At REFORMER PILATES you have the possibility to set the appointments you are entitled to PERMANENTLY by sending a message, writing the desired days and times along with some alternatives. We will then contact you to set them up.

NECESSARY RULES: a) there are fewer interested parties than the capacity of each available course, b) you MUST cancel at least 1 hour before the course in case you will not participate, c) you MUST be informed at least 1 week before the end of your subscription in case that you don’t continue.

The company always reserves the right to remove or modify fixed membership

appointments when the above conditions are not met or respected.